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Nita Ambani, a familiar name to almost every Indian, was born on 1st November 1963 in Mumbai.


Nita Ambani’S Biography:

Her parents were Ravindrabhai Dalal and Purnima Dalal. She is married to the famous billionaire businessperson Mukesh Ambani. Her offspring are Akash Ambani, Anant Ambani (sons), and Isha Ambani (daughter).

She is the co-owner of an IPL Team (Mumbai Indians) which has done wonders in the cricket ground. She also manages Reliance Foundation. Moreover, she is also an additional director of the board of East India Hotels. Her continuous and untiring efforts to work for the betterment of Health and Education System in India deserve special mention.

Her trust in God makes her a philanthropist.

She has been promoting Indian art and culture around the globe for a long time. She is the first Indian to become a trustee of New York’s Metropolitan Museum. In one of her 2017 statements she said,”……the Met enables Indian art to be shown at an institution and further encourages us to continue our work in the art world.” (SourceThe Economic Times).

Nita Ambani’s House And Lifestyle:

She lives in a luxurious house Called Antillia. The house has palace-like features.

She wears the world’s most costly saree which costs around 40 lakh (INR approx). She uses the world’s most expensive lipstick (costs around 39lakh INR approx)

On her 44th birthday, a private jet (costs around 390crore INR approx) was gifted to her by her loving husband Mukesh Ambani.

They run’Dhirubhai Ambani International school ‘ which is one of the top-rated schools in Mumbai.

Nita Ambani Lehenga:

Her lehenga has recently made news headlines. She gave her daughter Isha a red saree which she wore as a dupatta on her wedding. This beautiful and stunning lehenga presumably costs around 90 crores (INR).

Nita Ambani Teacup Price:

Her day gets started with tea worth Rs.3 lakh(INR). According to media reports the teacup has gold borders and the price of a set of 50 cups is reportedly 1.5crore (INR)

Nita Ambani water price:

Recently a fake article went viral on social media which claimed that she drinks the most expensive water on the planet. To keep herself hydrated she drinks water, the cost of a 750ml bottle of that water is 45 lakh (INR  approx). The name of this exotic water is ‘Aqua Cristalo Triboto‘.The water contains 5 grams of gold ashes which is beneficial for the human body.

Nita Ambani Mobile Price:

Her phone is one of her luxurious items. She owns a Falcon Supernova iPhone-6 pink diamond phone. According to Asian News, she has the most luxurious mobile phone in the world because a private jet can also be brought with the price of the phone. It costs 48.5 million dollars ( 315 crores INR approx). The phone has incredible features. It is manufactured using 24-carat gold and pink gold and can never be hacked. If someone dares to hack her phone, a message will immediately pop up on Netaji’s screen.

 Nita Ambani On Instagram:

These days social media occupies a conspicuous place. As their memberships rise, they continue to grow as powerful form of communication. But it seems that she is totally untouched by any social media influence be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. In her own confession,” I am not an influencer and it’s not something that I want to be . I don’t want to be known for the number of followers I have. I use social media for fun……”.

Thus, she is a successful business person, investor, and philanthropist.

PROFESSION Chairperson in Reliance
BIRTHDATE 1st November 1963
AGE 58 years
SPOUSE Mukesh Ambani
INSTAGRAM nita.ambaniii
NET WORTH 2.8 billion dollars
OFFSPRING Akash Ambani, Anant Ambani, Isha Ambani
MOTHER Purnima Dalal
SISTER Mamta Dalal
CARS Maybach62, BMW 760Li, Mercedes Maybach660 Guard, Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead coupe
FAVORITE FOOD Italian Continental
FAVORITE SPORTS Cricket, Golf, Swimming, Water Sports
HOBBIES Teaching, Dancing, listening to sonorous music, Traveling, Reading, Watching movies



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