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Yashoda Movie Review

 Yashoda movie Cast:

Yashoda-Samantha Ruth Prabhu

  • Unni Mukundan- Dr.Gautam
  • Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar- Madhubala
  • Ramesh Rao- Girdhar
  • Murli Sharma- Balaram, Police Commissioner
  • Sampath Raj- Vasudev
  • Shatru
  • Madhurima
  • Kalpika Ganesh
  • Priyanka Sharma
  • Rajiv Kumar Aneja

Writer– Hari- Harish

Music Director- Mani Sharma

Director- Hari- Harish

Editor- Marthand K. Venkatesh

Cinematographer- M.Sukumar

Screenplay- Hari- Harish

Banner- Sridevi Movies

Genre- Action, Thriller

Producer- Sivalenka Krishna Prasad

Run Time– 2hrs 15 mnts

Original language-Telugu

Release date-11/11/2022

Yashoda is a Telugu-language crime thriller. The movie narrates the struggles of a mother who is a victim of a surrogacy scam. The concept of surrogacy is comparatively new in India.

The plot of the movie revolves around the titular character Yashoda. The protagonist in the movie leads a normal life but suddenly everything around her change when she becomes the victim of the so-called modern medical scam. The movie shows the development of Yashoda who transforms from a simple woman to a grim fighter and is keen on exposing the scam.

Just before the 10 minutes of the movie’s interval, the thrill scenes of Yashoda are really surprising.

The Second half of the movie starts but the suspense remains unexposed. The audience is bound to think about Yashoda’s life- how she will survive and how the story would lead to the climax

In Mythology Yashoda only brought Prabhu Srikrishna up but she was not her biological mother. The modern medical term surrogacy indirectly alludes to Mythological Yashoda.

Content is the king in the movie and Samantha is simply brilliant.

The music in the movie is just above average only the title track seems promising.

There are certainly some negative aspects such as lengthy and monotonous dialogues, weak cinematography, etc.

TFW gives the movie 3.5 stars out of 5.


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