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ryan kaji

Ryan Kaji is an American YouTuber. He is known by another name Ryan Guan. At first, he reviewed the toys such as Play-Doh, cars, Trails, and many more. In the beginning, his mother appeared in many of his videos.

Ryan Kaji Family

Ryan Kaji was born on 6 October 2011 in Texas USA. He is now about 11 years old (2022). His father’s name is Loann Kaji who is Japanese and his mother’s name is Shion Guan who is Vietnamese. His father is a Structural Engineer by profession. On the other hand, his mother taught Chemistry in a school. He has twin sisters named Emma and Kate. Ryan is presently studying at Cypress’s High School.

Ryan Kaji Career

At the age of four, Ryan started his YouTube channel. The year was 2015. At first, the name of the channel was Ryan’s Toy Review but later it was renamed Ryan’s World. From the very beginning, he succeeded to gain viewers and within a short period, he became a celebrated person on YouTube.

This success was because of the constant support and dedication of his parents. Now Ryan’s channel got more than 20 million subscribers.

On his Youtube Channel, he always tries various methods to entertain the audience. He tries to amalgamate fun and education together and present them before us.

He shared experimental videos of science like DIY experiments. He also uploads challenge videos. He occasionally appears in these videos with his sisters.

In 2017 his parents took a venture of signing a deal with a start-up Children’s Media Company Pocket Watch. This company works for marketing and merchandise for his YouTube channel.

In 2019 Ryan Toys Review in collaboration with Pocket Watch produced Television series named Ryan’s Mystery Playdate. There were 20 episodes of it and the Television series was for preschoolers.

Ryan At A Glance

  1. Ryan’s Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge video succeed to get 1.9 billion viewers.
  2. Ryan Kaji is regarded as the 8th highest-paid YouTuber by Forbes Magazine.
  3. His show appeared on the channel Nickelodeon.
  4. Ryan’s World, his renamed YouTube channel, launched an official game on the gaming platform Roblox on 4th December 2020.

Ryan Kaji Networth 2022

Ryan has a net worth that is estimated at around 101 million USD(approx)

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