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Jessica Steen
Jessica Steen is a Canadian actress. She appeared both in films and Television movies /series. She rose to prominence with her appearance in Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Home front, Earth 2, Armageddon, World of War, etc.


Jessica Steen was born on 19 December 1965 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is the daughter of Jan Steen and Joanna Noyes. Her father Jan Steen is a writer, producer, director, and actor. Her mother Joanna Noyes is a celebrated actress.

She (her mother) is known for playing roles in Imaginarium Wicker Park and Affliction. Her mother divorced Jan Steen and married again Yves Saint Pierre, a professor. Jessica completed her schooling at a renowned

school and then took admission to NSU’s College of Optometry.

How old Is Jessica Steen?

Jessica is about 57 years old (as in 2022)

Jessica Steen Movies And Tv Shows

Steen debuted in the acting world at the age of 8. In the Television series, The Sunrunners Jessica was cast alongside her mother. When she became an adult, she made up her mind to become an actress.

In 1981 she debuted on the Silver Screen with the movie Threshold where she had the role of Tracy Vrain to play. It was a science fiction movie, directed by Richard Pearce. Then in 1983, she played the role of Donna in the film entitled Gentle Sinners.

This year she was seen acting in many Television Movies like Hangin’In, and SCTV Channel. In Hangin’In she was Darcy and in the latter, she was a college student.

She worked parallelly in films and TV movies. In 1984 she appeared in two television movies: When We First Met (role: Gail Pennoyer), The Edison Twins (role: Elaine), and episode – Enemy of Western.

Next year she appeared in five more TV movies such as Workin’ for Peanuts, Home Free, The Littlest Hobo, Striker’s Mountain, and Night Heat. She played the role of Mellisa Stotts in Workin’ for Peanuts. In Striker’s Mountain, she performed in the role of Lawni Striker. She was Michelle Parker in Night Heat.

In 1986 she was busy with many projects of films as well as Television movies like A Judgement in Stone, and Flying Come Out where she performed Melinda Coverdale, Carly, and Simmons respectively. She was mostly active in acting in TV movies.

There were lots of TV movies shot this year. Among them Night Heat ( Episode: Fighting Back), Kay O’ Brien, The Truth About Alex, The Edison Twins, The Campbells, Wait Disneys Wonderful World of Color, etc are worth mentioning.

Jessica Steen Hallmark Movies

In Night Beat (1986) her role was Angela Rivera. In Kay O’Brien she appeared in the episode: Little White Lies as Lindsay. In the Truth About Alex, she played the role of Kay. Elaine was the character she played in The Edison Twins appearing in the episode What Goes Up.

She played the role of Amanda Sims in the episode: Blinded by Love of The TV movie The Campbells. Tracy Gordon was the character she played in Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color in the episode Young Again.

In the year 1987, she mostly appeared in TV movies like CBS School Break Special, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Wiseguy. She also acted in the TV movies Captain Power and The Soldiers of the Future (1987 – 88)( for 22 episodes).

In 1987 she acted in only one film named John and Missus where she had to play the role of Faith. Then in 1989, she appeared as Jennifer Mc Phail in the TV movie CBC’S Magic Hour (Episode: High Country). In this year she acted in another TV movie calledThe Rocket Boy. She was Rocket Boy’s Girlfriend in it.

She also did a movie named Sing playing the role of Hannah Gottschalk. The movie was directed by American director Richard J. Baskin. In the following year, she appeared in TV movies like Christmas in America, Knights of the Kitchen Table, and Street Legal.

In this year she acted in the movie Still Life: The Fine Art of the Murder. There she played the role of Nellie Ambrose. After the TV movies: The Great Pretender, and Tropical Heat, she set out for the U.S.

Arriving in  New York city she got the place of actress Noelle Beck. Noelle had to play the role in the Soap Opera Loving. But Jessica got her place because she took maternity leave. Jessica played the role of Patricia Alden Sowolsky Hartman Mckenzie. Her enchanting performance in the TV movie was noticed by ABC’s casting department.

This led her to get a chance in the movie Homefront. In it, she was cast as Linda Metcalf. Next, she was seen in the 1993  movie Herman’s Head. There she played the role of Heather. In 1994 she acted in TV  movies like Small Gifts, and To Save the Children.

This year her performance in the TV movie Earth 2  was outstanding and she succeeded in making her position more strong in the glamour world. Her character in the TV movie Earth 2(1994-1995) was of Dr. Heller who became a famous TV character.

Her mesmerizing performance brought her more projects of TV movies. She showed up in many TV movies such as ER(1996), The Outer Limits (1996), Murder One (1997)Touched By An Angel (1997) The Pretender (1999), Due South (1999), and The Practice (1999)( as a guest appearance).

Jessica Steen Armageddon

In 1998 she got suggestions from the film producer Jerry Bruckheimer for acting in a science fiction disaster film called Armageddon. The role was of Captain Jennifer Watts. The movie’s director was Michael. At that time, Steen acted with great American actors like Bruce Wills, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and many others.

In 1999 she acted in the film Question of Privilege where she played the character of Andrea Roberts. The movie was directed by Rick Stevenson.

In 2000 she did a short film named The Ride Home. Then came her most famous film Apocalypse IV: Judgement. This year she appeared in two TV movies On Hostile Ground, and The Outer Limits (Episode: The Grid).

In the former one, she picturized the character of Allison Beauchamp and in the latter one, she played the role of Kathrine. In 2002 she was mostly engaged with movies. In Society’s Child (2002): Episode – Inter Arma Silent Leges, she portrayed the character of Terry Best. In Monk: episode – Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger) she played the role of Myra Teal.

She portrayed the character of Det. Anne-Marie Marrone in The Pact (2002). In this year she acted in a sports movie named Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice. In the film, she portrayed the character of Jessie Dage. The film was directed by Steve Boyum. In 2003 she worked in many TV movie projects.

The Paradise Virus, L, A. Dragnet, Mutant X, and NCIS were her successful movies that drew mass attention. She played Susan Holme in Paradise Virus Brian Medwin Trenchard-Smith. In the episode “The Cutting of the Swath ” of L.A. Dragnet, she portrayed Amy Wenzel. In 2004 she was in the role of Dr. Elizabeth Weir in Stargate SG I. The episodes of it were Lost City: Part 1, and Lost City: Part 2.

Next, she acted in Nip/ Tuck in the same year playing the role of Amy Conners. In this year she acted in the film Flip Phone. There she played the role of Sue. In 2005 she acted in two tv movies Killer Instinct and Supernatural. She also acted in two films. Those were Chaos and Left Behind: World at War.

In between 2006 – 2009 she acted in  TV movies like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Canooks, iPod, Vipers, My Nancy’s Street, and Flashpoint. In 2008 she acted in a film named Transit Lounge.

Between 2010 – 2018 she was seen in TV movies like Republic of Doyle, Bullet in the Face, Grey’s Anatomy, and A Midnight Kiss. In 2013 she was seen in a film named The Sound of Willie Nelson’s Guitar. In 2019 she played Elder Devorah Silver in the Television series Charmed.

In 2020 she acted in TV movies like Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story, The Babysitter aka The Baby Monitor Murders, Matching Hearts, Sacred Lies and Chateau Christmas. In 2021 she started to appear in the supporting role in the TV series Heartland. This one is the longest-time-running Canadian show.

Jessica Steen Upcoming Movies 2022

No information available.

Jessica Steen Networth 2022

Jessica has a net worth that is estimated at around 2.5 Million USD(approx).

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