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Shfeekkinte Santhosham

Hima Prakash written and Anup Padalam directed Malayalam movie Shfeekkinte Santhosham arrived at the theatres on 25 November 2022. TFW is keen on reviewing the Unni Mukundan starrer out-of-the-box drama film Shfeekkinte Santhosham movie.

Shfeekkinte Santhosham Movie Review:

The movie narrates the story of a young man who hails from an ordinary village and goes to work in Dubai and he, after staying three years in Dubai, returns home.

The movie also depicts the events that take place after his arrival. The protagonist Shefik finds joy and happiness in helping others but he deals with a serious health issue. He suffers from piles. He is hesitant to reveal his problem.

The movie thus manifests the general attitude of people towards piles. Some people make fun of the disease and this makes the victim more reserved and shy to disclose his problem.

The sufferer is often hesitant to visit a doctor. In the first half of the movie, there are few comedy scenes. The protagonist’s endeavor to achieve happiness is the key focus of the story.

Shefeekkinte Santhosham Movie Review – Loopholes In Movie:

Although the director has presented the story with his innovative techniques, it is not altogether flawless.

The film does not provide any major drag in the first half. When the movie reaches the second half, it becomes slow. The audience might feel that too many unnecessary scenes are presented before them. The story of the movie is predictable.

Shefeekkinte Santhosham Movie Review – Performance of the Actors:

Unni Mukundan’s acting is excellent. He has handled the role of a pile-sufferer, aptly. Manoj K Jayan, Aahaman Rajan, Divya Pillai, Rahul Madhav, Anish Ravi, and Krishna Prasad have done a decent job.

Shefeekkinte Santhosham Movie Review -Music:

The songs of the film composed by Shaan Rahman go in keeping with the theme of the movie.

Shefeekkinte Santhosham Movie Wiki :

  • Director: Anup
  • Production Company : Unni Mukundan Films
  • Screenplay: Anup
  • Story: Anup
  • Genre: Drama
  • Starring : Unni Mukundan
  • Music: Shaan Rahman
  • Cinematography: Eldho Isaac
  • Editing : Noufal Abdullah
  • Release Date: 25 th November 2022


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