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Thinky Post Related to How MeToo Played Out in India: Just As There is No “Perfect Victim” There is Also No “Perfect Villain”

All set for coolness? I had this open up Whilst WE Ended up ZOOM Talking and I built notes!!! So it’s like you have been in the Zoom, even if you weren’t. And you can just pick up our dialogue from where we left off.

Why is Vyjantimala’s character so great? What built you sit up and observe her?

Solution: Due to the fact she’s VYJANTIMALA!!! She’s so very and so ALIVE

Who is worse, Raj Kapoor or the Other 1, and why?

50/50! Raj Kapoor is blind to anyone’s wishes but his personal, which is terrible. But The Other Just one truly Understands WHAT IS Taking place and nevertheless helps make undesirable selections, which is also terrible.

What ending would have been much better?

a) the two men kill every other and Vyjantimala will get all their income

b) Vyjantimala walks out with her suitcase leaving Raj endlessly

c) Raj kills himself and Vyjantimala will get to marry the man she desired this entire time.

d) Vyjantimala finishes up with her good friend Sukina

Boring gentleman or Raj Kapoor, who would be a far better husband?

Boring guy, mainly because he is the husband she Desires and that is all that matters. Or. my minority impression, Raj Kapoor simply because he is able of development and adjustment and relocating out of his personal tiny globe.

What does it say about class in contemporary 1960s India?

They had to give Raj Kapoor a freakin’ Parim Vir in get to elevate him to a stage wherever he can marry Vyjantimala. And by some means that also magically can make him cosmopolitan and educated and all these other things he was not just before.

What does it say about how Raj Kapoor seen girls?

Practically as a unique species, like some exceptional magical creatures. But at the similar time, as a filmmaker, he was so sincere in showing the way the feminine people (Vyjantimala, the moms, her close friend) all recognized what was going on but had been not listened to and could not influence the consequence. Incredibly puzzled gender concept.

And last but not least, solutions for next film for dialogue!

Kuch Naa Kaho: Pleasurable amazing early 2000s rom-com, only obtainable on einthusan

Jhoothi: 1970s feminine vintage

Khoobsurat: A different 1970s woman traditional

Manaranjan: One more 1970s female common with sexual intercourse personnel

Junglee: A 1960s feminine vintage with Shammi!

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