Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
Thinky Post Related to How MeToo Played Out in India: Just As There is No “Perfect Victim” There is Also No “Perfect Villain”

Woo-hoo! Saturday night my time, which really should be late afternoon West Coastline, and a little later night East Coastline. I’m thrilled and with any luck , absolutely everyone who is intrigued can make it. If not, I’ll also be posting a dialogue space.

Indeed! We are Performing It! In a tightly controlled and regulated way!

This is my very first DCIB Zoom movie discussion, but I ended up attending and primary a full bunch of them throughout the pandemic so I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t.

Initial most essential rule, clearly show up on time! Or at minimum consider to exhibit up on time (I know lifetime comes about). Zoom discussions are challenging to get flowing and established up and obtaining individuals pop in 20 minutes late breaks the circulation.

Second rule, strategy on an hour! Zoom phone calls are draaaaaaaaaaaining, specially with a group. A lot more than an hour is also much for some individuals. Not saying we cannot chat for a longer time, but all concentrated things we can do in the 1st hour for persons who just run out of steam after that.

Third rule, no general public zoom hyperlinks! Zoom bombing is icky and I really don’t like it and the most effective way to avoid it is to say “you have to electronic mail me immediate and I decide if you get the link”

So, E mail ME!!! There’s a contact form under if you never by now have my electronic mail, I will give you the hyperlink if you talk to for it and not normally 🙂 If you have any difficulties, submit anything in the opinions and I’ll test to aid you.

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