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Robin Christensen -Roussimoff Age, Height, Weight, Biography

Robin Christensen – Roussimoff is an American wrestler and actress. She is also popular for her father late ‘Andre The Giant’ who was a famous wrestler. Although she is not as popular as her father, she is trying her heart and soul to continue her father’s legacy in the wrestling industry. What is more, she has also worked on her father’s biopic entitled ‘Andre The Gaint ‘, released in April 2018

Robin Christensen – Roussimoff Biography:-

Although the actual DoB of Robin Christensen – Roussimoff is not known, sources reveal that she was born in the year 1979. Her father Andre the Giant was one of the greatest wrestlers of his time. No one could defeat him in any wrestling match for more than 15 years and he was one of the highest-paid wrestlers in the 1970s. On the flip side, her mother Jean Christensen was a public Relation Officer. She was brought up in France and the United States. She follows Christianity.

Her father Andre The Gaint joined the vast majority on January 27, 1993, because of congestive heart failure. Despite looking similar to her father, she only met five times in her whole life. To speak the truth, they had a love-hate relationship. She is the only daughter of her parents and has no siblings. Jacques Roussimoff is her uncle.


Robin Christensen – Roussimoff Age, Height, Weight:-

Robin Christensen is now about 44 years old (age as of 2023). She is approximately 5’11” tall (180 cm) and her approximate body weight is about 101 kg (222.667 pounds). Her figure measurements are 44-40-44. She possesses light dark brown eyes and blonde hair.

Robin Christensen – Roussimoff Husband:

There is no information available if the wrestler cum actress is married or not.

The actress loves traveling and reading books a lot

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