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Mita Deb Roy was a Bengali movie actress. She debuted in the film industry with the movie Duti Pata (1983). The movie was directed by Bimal Roy and Prosenjit Chatterjee played the male lead of the movie. It was unfortunate that the movie failed at the box office and Mita Deb Roy could never establish herself at the box office.

Mita Deb Roy Biography: 

Mita Deb Roy was born in West Bengal, India but there is no information available about her family or early life. As a child artist, she started her career in the movie Jay Jayanti. Then she was seen in Prosenjit Chatterjee Starrer movie Duti Pata which was a box office failure. After that, she appeared in a few Bengali movies but unfortunately, she failed to earn the desired recognition.

Mita Deb Roy Movies:

The actress’s personal life was full of struggles and miseries. She married early but ultimately the marriage relationship with her husband did not continue. The couple got separated. Then she had to spend the rest of her life with her daughter.

Mita Deb Roy Death:

 Abandoned by her husband she fell into depression and was found begging on the streets near the Tarapith Temple with her daughter.

In 2003, Mita’s miserable condition was noticed by a journalist from Anandabazar Patrika. He brought her story into the limelight. The then secretary of the West Bengal Motion Pictures Artists’ Forum actress Roopa Ganguly came to her rescue and offered her and her daughter shelter in her own house.

Despite getting help from Roopa Ganguly Mita’s health began to deteriorate and she finally succumbed to depression. The actual cause and the exact year of her death are not known but there was a buzz around that she committed the unthinkable

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