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Olga Kurylenko

Olga Konstantinova widely popular as Olga Kurylenko is a French model and actress. She originally hails from Ukraine. She rose to prominence by appearing as the Bond girl in Quantum of Solace in 2008.

Olga Kurylenko Biography:

Olga Konstantinova was born on November 14 1979 in Berdyansk, Ukraine, undivided USSR. She is now about 43 years old.

Her father’s name is Konstantin and Marina Alyabusheva is the name of her mother. Her parents got separated when she was barely 3 years old. Then she was raised by her mother and grandmother. Her mother worked as an art teacher.

The financial condition of her family was beyond description and as a result, she couldn’t receive a formal education during her early years. In those days, she was compelled to live in a tiny apartment with her 8 relatives and wore homemade clothes.

Despite the drawback, she was sent to a local music school to learn Piano. She also learned different languages and ballet during her early childhood.

Olga Kurylenko Movies and Tv shows:

When Olga was barely 13 years old, she was noticed by an agent in a subway station and then the agent approached her and offered her a modeling job at an agency in Moscow.

After a few years, when she turned 16 she decided to move to Paris to try her luck in modeling. In Paris, she got the opportunity to work with the Madison agency. When she turned 18, her career kickstarted. She started to appear on the covers of reputed fashion magazines like Elle Marie, Claire Madam Figaro, and Vogue.

Her successful modeling career paved the path to her acting career. She was offered the role of Nika Boronina in Hitman  ( 2007) and Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace  ( 2008).

She became immensely popular across the globe as the Bond Girl ‘.Thus, a young girl who wanted to become a surgeon ended up becoming a successful actress.

Movies List :

  • L,Annularie (Iris /2005)
  • Paris,je t’aime (The Vampire /2006)
  • The Serpent (Sofia/2006)
  • Hitman (Nika Boronina /2007)
  • A l’est de moi (The Russian Prostitute / 2008)
  • Max Payne (Natasha Sax/2008)
  • Quantum of Solace (Camille Montes /2008)
  • Kirot (The Assassin Next Door) (Galia /2009)
  • Centurion (Etain /2010)
  • There Be Dragons (Ildiko /2011)
  • Land of Oblivion (Anya /2011)
  • Erased (Anna Brandt /2012)
  • To the Wonder (Marina /2012)
  • Seven Psychology (Angela/2012)
  • Oblivion (Julia Rusakova Harper/ 2013)
  • Vampire Academy (Ellen Kirova /2014)
  • The November Man (Alice Fournier / Mira Filipova /2014)
  • The Water Diviner (Ayshe /2014)
  • A Perfect Day (Katya/2015)
  • Momentum (Alex Farraday /2015)
  • The Correspondence (Amy /2016)
  • The Death of Stalin (Maria Yudina /2017)
  • Gun Shy40 (Sheila/2017)
  • Just a Breath Away (Dans la Bruner) (Anna /2018)
  • The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (Jacqui /2018)
  • Mara (Kate Fuller /2018)
  • Johnny English Strikes Again (Ophelia/2018)
  • The Emperor of Paris (Baroness Roxanne of Giverny /2018)
  • L’Intervention (Jane Anderson /2019)
  • The Room (Kate /2019)
  • The Courier (The Courier /2019)
  • The Translators (Katerina Anisinova /2019)
  • The Bay of Silence (Rosalind /2020)
  • Sentinelle [41] (Klara /2021)
  • Black Widow [42] (Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster /2021)
  • Vanishing (Alice /2022)
  • White Elephant (Vanessa Flynn /2022)
  • The Princess (Kai /2022)

Upcoming Movies :

Thunderbolts (Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster /2024)

Empires of the Deep (To Be Announced)

TV shows :

  • Largo Winch (Carole /2001)
  • Le Porte- bonheur (Sophia /2006)
  • Suspects (Eva Pires /2007)
  • Tyranny (Mina Harud /2010)
  • Magic City (Vera Evans /2012-2013)
  • Mission Control (NASA broadcasting news /2014)
  • Wonderland, the girl from the shore (Alice /2020)

Video Game :

007: Quantum of Solace (Camille Montes [voice] /2008)

Olga Kurylenko Boyfriend:

Olga got married twice. In the year 2000, she married the French Photographer Cerdic Van Mol but got separated after 4 years. After that, in 2006 she married the American businessperson Damian Gabrielle but unfortunately, this relationship too was ephemeral.

The couple got divorced in 2007. There was a buzz around that she started to date her Magic City Co-star Danny Huston. It was also heard that she married Max Benitz with whom she has a son.

Olga Kurylenko Networth:

She has a net worth that is estimated at around 30 million USD (approx. As of 2022).

Olga Kurylenko At A Glance :

  • She knows French, English, and Russian languages.
  • She is a charitable woman.
  • She runs charity for underprivileged kids in Ukraine.
  • She is a philanthropist.
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