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Kavya Madhavan Movies And TV Shows

Kavya Madhavan, a multi-talented Indian actress, singer, dancer, and lyricist, is also known by her nickname ‘Minu.’ She debuted in the entertainment industry as a child actress in the Malayalam film ‘Pookkalam Varavayi’ in 1991 and has been active since then.

Kavya Madhavan Biography:-

Kavya Madhavan was born on 19th September 1984, in Nileshwar, Kasaragod District, Kerala, India. Her father’s name is P. Madhavan and her mother’s name is Shyamala Madhavan. She has a younger brother named Mithun Madhavan who is a fashion and producer by profession.

Kavya is now about 39 years old (age as of 2023). She is approximately 163cm (5’4″) tall and her approximate body weight is about 58 kg. She has black eyes and hair. She follows Hinduism.

She, for completing her education, attended several schools such as Jaycec English Medium School, GLP School, and Rajah’s High


Kavya Madhavan Movies and TV Shows:

Barely at the age of 5, she began her acting career as a child artist with the movie ‘Pokkalam Varavayi'(1994), ‘Parassala Pachan Payyanur Paramu'(1994), ‘Azhakiya Ravana ‘s(1996), and many more.

Her entry into the film industry was dramatic. Her parents were polar different in their opinion regarding their daughter’s career. Her mother wanted that her daughter would complete her studies and got married. On the flip side, her father wanted that her daughter should pursue a career in acting and dancing. He saw an advertisement advertised by the director Kamal in the daily newspaper ‘Malayalam Manorama’ seeking a child actor for his upcoming film. Afterward, he decided to send photos of his daughter and finally, she got selected for the project. Thus, she got her first role in the movie ‘Pook kalam  Varavayi'(1991) where she played the role of Geethu’s friend (Baby Shamili).

Barring her studies, she excelled in extracurricular activities during her childhood and participated in various events. Her mentors Guru Shyamala and Guru Kuttamathee Janardhanan used to guide and instruct her.

In her childhood, she used to speak in a deep voice similar to the voice of a baritone. Although she was jeered at for voice, it proved a blessing for her. One day Mammooty, the legendary Indian actor was unable to dub because of his schedule, and hence someone suggested that Kavya should do the job for Mammooty.

As the lead actress, she has appeared in several Malayalam movies which include Darling Darling (2000), Meesa Mathavan(2002).”Sadanandante Samayam”(2003),” Runway “(2004), “Inspector Garud”(2007), ” Paappi Appacha”(2010), ” Vellaripravinte Changathi”(2011), and “Pinnyum”(2016).

In addition to this, she play backed a song for the Malayalam movie ‘Divame Kaithozham K Kumarakanam'(2018) and jotted down the lyrics for the film ‘Akashvani ‘(2016).

In 2000, she made her debut in Tamil Cinema with the film ‘Kasi’ where she portrayed the role of Lakshmi.

She is also remarkable appearing in short films like ‘Bhoomikkoru Charamageetham ‘(2006), ‘Kaavalal'(2016) and Kachadhappa'(2016).

In 2013, she released a book called ‘Kathayil Alpam Kavyam’ which narrates the incidents of her childhood, experiences during her school days, and memories of her time in the film industry.

She also sung several songs which included ‘Mounamaay Manassil’ ( Matinee -2012- Malayalam), and ‘Daivame Kaithozham K Kumarakanam'(2018). In 2012 she released an album titled ‘Kavyadalangak’. In addition, she has also worked as a lyricist and penned the song ‘En Kal bilullorh’ form the Malayalam film ‘One Way Ticket ‘(2008).


  • 1991 Pookkalam Varavayi Geethu’s friend Debut film ; child artist
  • 1992 Mayilppeeli
  • 1994 Pavam I. A. Ivachan Sara Ivachan
  • 1994 The President
  • 1996 Parassala Pachan Payyannur Paramu Neena
  • 1996 Azhakiya Ravanan Young Anuradha
  • 1997 Oral Mathram Gopika Menon
  • 1997 Snehasindooram Anjali
  • 1997 Bhoothakkannadi Meenu
  • 1997 Irattakuttikalude Achan Dhanya
  • 1997 Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu Anjali
  • 1998 Kattathoru Penpoovu Yamuna
  • 1999 Chandranudikkunna Dikhil Radha Debut film in lead role
  • 2000 Madhuranombarakattu Sunaina
  • 2000 Darling Darling Padmaja/Puppy
  • 2000 Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal Celin
  • 2000 Thenkasipattanam Devu
  • 2001 Sahayathrikakku Snehapoorvam Maya
  • 2001 Rakshasa Rajavu Daisy
  • 2001 Jeevan Masai Manjula
  • 2001 Mazhamegha Pravukal Malu
  • 2001 Dosth Geethu
  • 2002 Onnaman Suhara
  • 2002 Oomappenninu Uriyadappayyan Gopika
  • 2002 Kasi Lakshmi Tamil film
  • 2002 Meesa Madhavan Rugmini
  • 2002 En Mana Vaanil Thilaka Tamil film
  • 2003 Thilakkam Ammu
  • 2003 Vellithira Pankajam cameo
  • 2003 Sadanandante Samayam Sumangala
  • 2003 Gourishankharam Gauri
  • 2003 Kadha Meera
  • 2003 Mizhi Randilum Bhadra and Bhama double role
  • 2003 Pulival Kalyanam Ganga
  • 2004 Perumazhakkalam Ganga
  • 2004 Greetings Sheethal
  • 2004 Runway Gopika
  • 2005 Iruvattam Manavaatti Bhumika
  • 2005 Annorikkal Ponnu
  • 2005 Ananthabhadram Bhadra
  • 2005 Seelabathi Seelabathi
  • 2005 Kochi Rajavu Ashwathy/Achu
  • 2005 Aparichithan Meena
  • 2006 Chakkara Muthu Anitha
  • 2006 Vadakkumnadhan Bhama
  • 2006 Vasthavam Sumithra
  • 2006 Arunam Valli
  • 2006 Classmates Thara Kurup
  • 2006 Kilukkam Kilukilukkam Chandini
  • 2006 Lion Sharika
  • 2007 Athisayan Maya
  • 2007 Naalu Pennungal Subhadra
  • 2007 Inspector GarudSethulakshmi
  • 2007 Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri Nadiya and Nadira double role
  • 2007 Kangaroo Jancy
  • 2008 Sadhu Miranda Priya Tamil film
  • 2008 Madampi Jayalakshmi
  • 2008 Twenty:20 Ancy
  • 2009 Ee Pattanathil Bhootham Ancy
  • 2009 Banaras Amritha
  • 2010 Paappi Appacha Annie
  • 2011 Bhaktha Janangalude Sradhakku Sumangala
  • 2011 Gaddama Aswathy
  • 2011 Chinatown Rosamma
  • 2011 Venicile Vyaapari Ammu
  • 2011 Vellaripravinte Changathi Sulekha / Mary Varghese
  • 2011 Christian Brothers Meenakshi
  • 2012 Bavuttiyude Namathil Vanaja
  • 2013 Players Rose
  • 2013 LokpalGeetha
  • 2013 Breaking News Live Nayana
  • 2013 5 Sundarikal Gauri anthology
  • 2015 She Taxi Sharika
  • 2016 Aakashvani Vani
  • 2016 Pinneyum Devi

Short films

  • 2006 Bhoomikkoru Charamageetham College student Short film
  • 2016 Kaavalal Herself Short film

 Kavya Madhavan Daughter:-

Kavya first married actor Nishal Chandra on 9th February 2009 but unfortunately, the couple got separated on 30 th May 2011. After that, she married actor Dileep on 25th November 2016 (at Vedanta Hotel, Kochi). Kavya and Dileep have a daughter named Mahalakshmi who was born on 19th October 2018. She is also the stepmother of Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi, from his first marriage to actress Manju Warrier.


Kavya has endorsed several big brands and served as a brand ambassador for a variety of products including Nirapara, parachute, A Geeripai Jewellery, Dhathri, Dubai Gold and Diamonds, and many more.


She once wistfully said that if she were not an actor, she would have been a homemaker with 2-4 children.


Her hobbies are cooking, reading, writing, dancing, and spending time with her family.

Sukumari is her favourite actress.


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