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Dr amit chakraborty

Dr. Amit Chakraborty is a young successful entrepreneur and business person. He hails from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He is the owner of a company called SAICON. What is more, he invented a portable UPVC manufacturing machine.

Dr. Amit Chakraborty Biography:

There is no information available about his parents, DOB, and other family members.

His father who worked in a multinational sewing company inspired him a lot. On the other hand, his mother, a homemaker, played an important role to shape his life.

Dr. Chakraborty Career:

Dr. Chakraborty expressed his desire to become a businessman after completing class 9, but his parents did not agree with their son’s career choice.

To turn his dream of becoming a successful businessperson into reality, he willingly dropped his Higher Secondary exam and then implored his father to give him Rs.50000 / for starting a new business. His father agreed.

Meanwhile, he had to struggle a lot for seeking new business ideas. Eventually, he came to know about real estate Fassad architecture and gathered knowledge about it. Despite his repeated attempts, he faced numerous rejections and even got cheated in some cases.

In the meantime, his father became seriously ill and Dr. Chakraborty desperately thought of a new business idea to support his family. Therefore, he decided that he would start a UPVC window and door manufacturing factory. However, he faced two serious problems -1) Lack of funds 2) Adequate workplace.

He didn’t lose hope and began building his own window and door manufacturing machine. During the process, he suffered from intolerable pain of piles but this could not curb his indomitable spirit. After a prolonged struggle, he eventually, was crowned with success and made the world’s first portable UPVC manufacturing machine.

He decided to upload one of his working videos on YouTube and the video went viral on the internet. He is now selling his portable UPVC manufacturing machine worldwide. He, thus, has become a pioneer in his field.

The National American University noticed Dr.Chakraborty’s work and awarded him a doctorate.

Dr.Amit Chakraborty’s out-of-the-box story serves as an inspiration for many of us who struggle to achieve success.

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