Thu. Apr 25th, 2024
Weekend WatchAlong: Thank You For Coming, 8am Chicago Time Saturday, on Netflix!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, watchalong!!!! Hoping individuals can make it, I picked 8am as an alternative of 7am because this is a a lot less than 2 hour movie. Be warned, it is also NOT a baby welcoming motion picture (sex sexual intercourse sex in the plot), so individuals with young ones, just take care.

Thank You For Coming

On Netflix, stars Bhumi Pednakar, produced by Rhea Kapoor, feminine friendship plot with a lot of good things about woman sexuality and need. Supposed to be very well done with good performances, and I trust Rhea so I will give it a shot!

I will post up a minor tomorrow a right before set 8 and then at 8am Chicago time I will Engage in up an “And comment!” together and we can all chat together from there!

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