Thu. Apr 25th, 2024
Unique Vedic Names for Your Baby Girl

The Vedas weave a tapestry of rich history and non secular wisdom. Vedic names for ladies are not just beautiful but also imbued with profound meanings. Here’s a collection of exclusive Vedic names to grace your infant daughter:

Grace and Attractiveness:

1. Aanya (Limitless, Boundless)
2. Aira (Noble, Swish)
3. Aisha (Energetic, Affluent)
4. Divi (Heavenly, Divine)
5. Ishita (Desired)
6. Kiara (Mild)
7. Lavanya (Grace, Magnificence)
8. Nalini (Lotus Flower)
9. Saiba (Goddess Parvati)
10. Shreya (Auspicious, Affluent)

Power and Intellect:

1. Aditi (Boundless, Initially)
2. Bhadra (Lucky)
3. Daksha (Skillful, Ready)
4. Himaja (Daughter of the Mountains)
5. Indrani (Queen of Indra)
6. Medhavi (Intelligent)
7. Pratibha (Brilliance)
8. Rohini (Reddish Brown, Prosperous)
9. Savitri (Stimulator, Vivifier)
10. Veena (Lute, Melodious)

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