Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Sangram Singh to become first Indian male Wrestler to enter MMA

Former Commonwealth heavyweight champion Sangram Singh is poised to make history as the first Indian male wrestler to transition to mixed martial arts (MMA).

Sangram Singh, renowned for his achievements in wrestling, will follow in the footsteps of Puja Tomar, becoming the second Indian overall to compete in MMA. Singh’s wrestling background equips him with the skills necessary for this new challenge, as noted in a press release on Tuesday.

“Wrestling has given me so much, including the love and support of my countrymen. I hope they will continue to support me in this new endeavor,” Sangram expressed. He emphasized the growing popularity of MMA, particularly in India, which boasts one of the highest viewerships for the sport globally. “MMA is the future. Its rising popularity over the last few years speaks for itself. I hope that the fans of the sport will support me in the same manner.”

At 38, Sangram recently returned to the wrestling ring after a six-year hiatus, showcasing his prowess by defeating Pakistan’s Muhammad Saeed in a dominant performance at the Dubai Pro Wrestling Championship.

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