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sanchita maitra

Sanchita Maitra is a well-known Indian journalist and newsreader. She primarily appears in Bengali News Channels. She is a self-taught journalist who started her career as a newsreader in ‘Khaskhobor’.


Sanchita Maitra (Journalist) Biography:

Sanchita Maitra was born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She came from an affluent family (Baranagar Zamindar family). There is no information available about her parents and other family members except for the fact that she is married and has a daughter.

There is also no information available on Sanchita’s early schooling. She was admitted to the University of Jadavpur where from she completed her master’s degree in International Relationships.


Sanchita Maitra Career:-

While studying at Jadavpur University, she attended several walk -in- Interviews to get a job. Her parents were against the idea of their daughter’s pursuit of getting a job in the field of journalism.

As journalism is a strenuous profession, they suggested that she should choose a white-collar job ( like-Teaching). A determined Sanchita did not give up and finally, she got selected as the Newsreader in ‘Khas khobor’. She had to travel from Baranagar to Nabina Cinema Hall to reach her workplace. Her father always accompanied her to her destination.

After working for a couple of years in ‘Khas Khobor’, she joined ETV News Bangla and moved temporarily to Hyderabad. Meanwhile, she lost her father. Then after a few years, she joined the ZEE 24 Ghanta News network ( Presently working) as a senior News reader and anchor.


Sanchita Maitra At A Glance :-


1) She is greatly inspired by one of her school teachers.

2) Her maternal uncle Abhishek Chatterjee helped her a lot to become successful in her journey.

3) She loves to spend her leisure with her family members, especially her daughter.

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