Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
Romila Majumder

Romila Majumder is a popular Indian educator. She is famous across the country for her lucid and out–of–the–box teaching method.


Romila Majumder Biography:

There is no information available about Romila Majumder’s parents and her actual DOB. There is also a paucity of information about her early life and education.

However, sources reveal that she was not interested in her studies during her childhood. Even after entering college, she was unsure about her career path. She was constantly reminded of her worth by her relatives and acquaintances. This sort of constant questioning acted as stimuli and hence she decided to prove them wrong.

Romila Majumder Career:

 Although she faced several failures and rejections, she never gave up. She worked hard and eventually established her unique identity. She, at present, has become an educator on the popular platform Unacademy, where she teaches students of all ages and backgrounds.

Romila’s lucid and unique teaching style and her ability to simplify complex concepts have made her extremely popular among her students. She has helped many students to achieve their academic goals and has inspired them to dream big.

In addition to teaching, Romila is also a successful motivational speaker. Several big platforms invite her to share her extraordinary story.

What is truly inspirational is her transformation from a simple Bengali girl to a successful educator.

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