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Ghazal Alagh garnered mass attention with her appearance as a panel member in Shark Tank India ( Season 1). She is an Indian entrepreneur who co-founded Mamaearth, a subsidiary of Honasa Consumer Pvt. Ltd. in 2016.

Ghazal Alagh Biography:

Ghazal Sahni aka Ghazal Alagh was born on September 2, 1988. She is at present 34 years old. She completed her Bachelor’s in Computer Application ( B.C.A) at Punjab University. Thereafter, she attended the New York Academy of Art for her higher education.

In 2011 she married Varun Alagh. Agastya and Ayaan are her two children.

Ghazal Alagh mammaearth:

Ghazal Alagh, along with her husband Varun Alagh founded Mammaearth in 2016.

In one of her sessions with ‘Josh Talks ‘, she revealed that she noticed a rare skin disease immediately after the birth of his first son Agastya. Now, what did she do? – she tried all sorts of skin products to cure skin ailments. But instead of doing any good, they only aggravated his son’s rashes on the skin.

A helpless mother as she was at that time, she started to feel guilty for her inability to do any good for her son. Moreover, she felt that Agastya was not the only child who was undergoing such pain. Numerous babies across the country were suffering from The same disease. Hence, to help the skin disease victims like her son, she along with her husband decided to start Mammaearth (in 2016).

At the outset of their child’s problem, Varun and Ghazal ordered Various Skin Care products from the U.S. but their effort proved to be futile because ordering products from the U S. was expensive and time-consuming.

Finally, Varun & Alagh started Mama Earth in 2016.

Mammaearth is known as Asia’s first & foremost ‘Madesafe’ certified brand. ‘Madesafe’ is a U.S.-based non-profit organization. It thoroughly inspects every ingredient that is necessary for making a product. After discreet scrutiny, the organization certifies the product to be safe and secure.

Moreover, the organization ensures that the products are 100% free from 8000 known toxic in the world. The products of Mammaearth are PH-balanced, natural, and hypoallergenic.

When the couple Varun and  Ghazal were at the beginning of their Venture, they did not get immediate attention or investments from any major or minor companies. The companies were unwilling to invest money in their Venture. However, they did not lose hope and created an online portal entitled Mammaearth.

They started to sell their products through their online portal and became successful in grabbing mass attention. They received positive responses from all over the country and, therefore, decided to expand their business. Thereafter, they did not have to look backward.

Under the leadership of Ghazal Alagh, their company’s products started to reach international customers. Their products not only became famous in India but neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar started to order their products also.

Mammaearth, founded in 2016 in Gurugram under the parent company Hanasa consumer pvt. Ltd. , started its journey with only a handful of baby care products (only  6 products) but within 6 years the company has exceeded a massive 100cr. Marketshare landmark.

Although the company began its journey with only 6 baby care products, they now deal with 80 SKUs and products that are especially for pregnant women. It is now one of the leading Indian companies in Health, wellness, and fitness.

Varun Alagh claims that their company uses the highest quality ingredients which are either plant-based or manmade. They are all certified to be safe and secure.

At the ET Brand Festival’s Second edition Mamaearth received the prestigious title – ‘One of the Best Indian Brands ‘.

Mamaearth is also a strong supporter of India’s ant-polythene movement.

Mamaearth Wiki:

  • Company: Mamaearth
  • Founder: Varun Alagh
  • CEO: Ghazal Alagh
  • Telephone No: 91 8901 555 444
  • Address: Plot No.63, 4th Floor,
  • Sector-44, Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Status: Active
  • Website Name:


Ghazal Alagh Net worth 2022:

As the CEO of Mamaearth Ghazal Alagh has a massive net worth that is approximately estimated at around 120 cr INR (as of 2022).

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