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Maia Kealoha Movies

Maia Kealoha, a young Hawaiian actress, has recently grabbed media attention after being cast in Disney’s live-action remake of the popular animated movie ‘Lilo & Stitch ‘(2002). In her debut movie, she is set to play the lead role of Lilo.

Maia Kealoha Bio: –

There is no exact data available at this moment about the young actress’s exact DOB. It is assumed that she was born between 2016 -17. She was born and brought up in Kailua – Kona, Hawaii, United States. Maia is Mr. & Mrs. Kealoha’s first born and at present she has no siblings. Her father Mr. Kealoha is a businessperson. On the other hand, her mother Mrs. Brittney Kealoha is a working woman. Maia’s parents are affluent. They follow Christianity.

Maia Kealoha Age:-

Although there is no exact information available about Maia Kealoha’s actual DOB, it is believed that her age, as of 2023, is around 6-7 years.


Maia Kealoha Height and weight:-

Maia is now about 6-7 years old and she is approximately 2’4″ (0.71m) tall and her approximate body weight is 24 kg (52.911 pounds). She belongs to mixed Asian ethnicity. Moreover, she looks like a little angel with her black hair, dark brown eyes, and pierced ears.


Maia Kealoha Movies:- 

Although Maia is only 6-7 years, she manifested her interest in acting at the age of 3. When she was 3, She began to learn dancing and acting. She has recently landed the role of Lilo in the Disney+ Live action version of the 2002 animated movie Lilo & Stitch. The movie will also feature Zach Galifianakis as the voice of the Stitch. The movie will be released in 2024. The news of Maia’s casting was first reported by Knight Edge Media and later it was confirmed by Hollywood Reporter. The movie will be directed by Dean Flescher Camp.

Movies :

  • Lilo and Stitch (2024)


As Kealoha is a newcomer to the entertainment industry, there is very little information available about her personal life or background. Her casting as Lilo in the Disney remake testifies to Hollywood’s growing trend of casting lesser-known actors in lead roles in big-budget productions.

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