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Lingayat, AHINDA votes decisive in Koppal

Koppal: In the heritage of 17 elections in Koppal Lok Sabha constituency, the Congress has received nine moments although the BJP has won three moments. The JDS has revealed its power 2 times, other functions, which include non-functions, have won when each individual. But given that 2009, BJP’s victory in the constituency has continued.

Koppal Lok Sabha constituency is identified for diversity. This constituency was named Kushtagi Lok Sabha Constituency in 1952, at the time of the independence of the state. Then Shivamurti Swamy Alavandi entered Parliament as a non-social gathering member of the Lok Sabha. In 1957, this constituency observed lots of milestones as the Koppal Lok Sabha constituency was improved.

Koppal constituency was previously a Congress stronghold. Indira Gandhi’s near aide, H.G. Ramulu, has established a document of winning four periods in this constituency. Siddaramaiah at the time contested for the Lok Sabha in 1991 and dropped in this constituency.

Koppal Lok Sabha Constituency has a overall coverage of 8 constituencies: Koppal, Kushtagi, Gangavati, Kanakagiri, Yalaburga, and Shira Guppa in Bellary district, and Sindhanoor and Muski constituencies in Raichur district. But if we search at the final results of the very last election, Congress received in six of these eight constituencies, although Gali Janardhana Reddy of the KRPP and Doddanna Gowda Patil of the BJP received in Kushtagi in Gangavati. During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, there was a identical environment in the constituency, and the BJP received in a person constituency.

In the Koppal Lok Sabha constituency, typically deemed a Congress stronghold, the Bharatiya Janata Bash (BJP) has asserted its dominance, clinching victory in the last a few consecutive elections because 2009. Adhering to Sivaramegowda’s triumph in 2009, Sanganna Karadi secured victories in both equally the 2014 and 2019 elections. This time, the BJP has fielded Basavaraja as its candidate, aiming to manage its winning streak.

In the prior Lok Sabha elections, Sanganna Karadi’s opponent, Rajasekhara Hitnal, suffered defeat by a margin of 38,000 votes. This time, the BJP fielded famed orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Basavaraja Kyavatr as its candidate. To begin with, Karadis supporters opposed denying Karadi a ticket, which was later pacified by point out BJP high command.

Kyavator expressed self esteem in having Karadi’s aid in this election and energetic participation in the marketing campaign. Undeterred, Congress candidate Raja Shekar Hitnal has after again thrown his hat into the ring, intensifying the electoral opposition in the constituency.

With a complete of 18,41,560 eligible voters, the citizens in Koppal includes diverse demographic teams. Among the them, Lingayats represent a significant portion, approximated to exceed 5 lakh voters, adopted by about 4 lakh Kurubas, 4 lakh Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs), and 2 lakh Muslim voters. Moreover, there are all around 3 lakh votes from other minority caste communities.

The electoral dynamics in Koppal pivot on the voting styles of essential communities, particularly Lingayats, Kurubas, Dalits, and Muslims, whose collective tastes are poised to influence the final result substantially. As political events intensify their strategies and outreach attempts, the battle for supremacy in Koppal unfolds against the backdrop of these demographic intricacies.

Full electors : 18,41,560

Male voters : 9,33,245

Feminine voters : 9,08,315

Earlier success

2019: Sanganna Karadi (BJP): 5,86,783 K Raja Shekara

Basavaraj Hitnal (Cong): 5,48,386

2014: Sanganna Karadi (BJP) 4,86,383 K Raja Shekara

Basavaraja Hitnal (Cong) 4,53,959

2009: Shivana Gowda (BJP): 2,91,693 Basavaraj Raya

reddy (Cong): 2,09,904

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