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Julian Newman NBA

Julian Newman is an American basketball player. He was noticed after his record-breaking performance in school-level basketball games.


Julian was born on 6 September 2001 in Orlando, Florida. Jamie Newman is his father and Vivian Gonzalez is his mother. Julian Newman is a Jewish, African – American and Puerto Rican descendant. His father was also a basketball player who played as a point guard for Colonial High School in Orlando.

Afterward, he got the post of a History teacher at Downey Christian School. Besides being a teacher he was the head coach at Downey Christian School.

His mother’s ancestors were Puerto Rican. She (his mother) also played basketball for University High School in Orlando, Florida.  she even served as a naval officer in the United States.

Julian has also a younger sister named Jaden. She also is a basketball player. She plays the Varsity Basketball for Downey Christian School. She also appears on TV beside his elder brother Julian. The tv programs he appeared are The Queen Latifah, Fate Favoured Her Enough. He, at the age of 9, got selected for NCAA Division I Programme Miami ( Florida).

His parents were well aware of his studies. They divided the time into two parts equally; the first one was for academics and the second part was for sports.

Julian Newman NBA

Just at the age of 10, Julian scored already 200 floaters, 200 jump shots, and 100 free throws on regular basis. He studied in several Public Schools. Eventually, he had to leave all of them because there were no facilities to train him for a bright future in NBA ( National Basketball Association).

Julian’s father Vivian was a teacher at Downey Christian School where Julian was admitted in 2012. The school has a great ambiance for basketball playing. Besides being a teacher of History there, his father was the head coach of the Basketball team.

Julian Newman Stats

In the 2012 season, Julian started to play for his school. In his fifth grade, he scored 63 and 91 points respectively in two matches. He became a social media sensation for his performances. His classmates were also overwhelmed to see his performances and they used to make videos of his performance and uploaded them on YouTube.

The videos attracted millions of viewers around the globe. They also uploaded videos of his workout routine on YouTube which were seen by millions. Gradually, his reputation spread like a flame fanned by the wind.

It reached many American media houses. Several media houses featured him on their platforms. Among them ‘People’ and The New York Times’ interviewed him grossly. He became so famous that he could not attend all the interviews held by reputed media houses.

On his behalf, his father attended a lot of interviews. After that, he got invitations to a lot of Television Shows. He effulged their shows. He appeared on Television shows like ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Today’ and The Steve Harvey Show.

His appearance in the last one accredited him with a global reputation. Tama Bay Times,   a major publishing house in America agglutinated a story covering the caption “the most marketed 12-year-old Basketball Player in the world”.

They criticized that he was not a born miracle but a brilliant player. His father and sister Jaden also were criticized. Particularly his father was criticized starkly for promoting his children.

But the criticism did not affect him. He was a straightforward guy who continued his tooth and nails keeping aside all hectic matters. He acuminated his skills throughout his high-school years. He became such a player that he played with the players taller than him.

At the high-school level, he made a record doing the fastest 1000 points. At the time of his graduation (2018), he scored 3000 points. This is the highest score ever made in the history of American High school Basketball. Right now he is anticipated to choose the right college to make himself better in basketball.

How tall is Julian Newman?

Though he succeeded to gain international fame, life was not at all easy going for him. His father faced criticism for giving hard training him at such a tender age. They thought that such hard training at such an age might affect his career.

Despite being a brilliant player, Julian faces imperfections due to his height. The required height is 5 feet 9 but he is 5 feet 6. But his father hopes that Julian will be ready to play International Basketball soon.

Julian Newman Networth 2022

Julian has a net worth that is estimated at around 3.5 million USD(approx 2022).

Julian Newman Age Height Sister

Nick Name Newman
Date of Birth 6 September 2001
Age 21 Years (As in 2022)
Profession American basketball player
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Birth Place Orlando, Florida
Resident Place Florida, USA
Marital Status Unmarried
Father Name Jamie Newman
Mother Name Vivian Gonzalez
Sister Name Jaden
Height 5’8″
Weight 62kgs
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Brown
Skin Colour white
Favourite Colour Red
Favourite Singer Josh Kiszka
Favourite Actor Jim Carrey
Favourite Actress Jennifer Shrader Lawrence
Favourite Food Burger
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