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Jason Sanjay

Jason  Sanjay is an Indian actor. He belongs to the South Indian film Industry. He is also famous as the son of the Tamil megastar Vijay.


Jason Sanjay was born on 26th August 2000 in London, England, United  Kingdom. His father’s name is Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar alias Vijay who is a legendary actor from the south Indian film industry. His mother’s name is Sangeetha Sornalingam who is a media personality and industrialist.

Jason has a younger sister named Divya Shasha who is 5 years younger than him. Though he was born in England, he was taken back to India to his ancestral house whence he completed his schooling.

He attended the American International School, Chennai. In 2018, he went to Canada to pursue higher studies. There he attended Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jason Sanjay Movies

At the age of just 9, Jason was featured in the film Vettaikkaaran in 2009. In the movie, he was seen appearing in the song Naan Adicha Thaangamatta alongside his father. Between 2018-19 he appeared in a short film named Junction and Siri.

The shooting of the movie took place both in Toronto and Chennai.  Later, he released the movies on his YouTube channel. For this creation, he was credited as J.S.J. After that, Jason Sanjay was informed that Vikram wanted to launch him in his movie where he had to play the lead role.

But the name of the movie is still unknown. The film’s director is S. Shankar. But a spokesperson from the industry denied and claimed that S. Shankar was not the director of the movie.

Furthermore, he added that the casting of the movie was not confirmed yet.  In 2018 Jason’s short film A Junction, produced under his direction got over 2 million views on his YouTube channel. He got all his inspiration from his father who motivated him to become a great director.

Jason is a fan of Chennai Super Kings. His father was the former brand ambassador of the team. When he was in the university, he got attached to the Toronto Raptors and was a supporter of the team. At present, he is residing with his family in Chennai. They have a grand luxurious house there.

Jason Sanjay Girfriend

Sanjay is still unmarried and is presently dating no one.

Sanjay At A Glance

  • Vijay was not in the mood of launching his son into the world of the movies just at the age of 9 but Vijaysethupathi requested him and he finally agreed.
  • In 2020 Income Tax Department raided their house but they did not find anything suspicious in his house.
  • Jason is a pet lover. He loves dogs particularly.
  • He loves to watch and play cricket.
  • He wants to become a great director like his grandfather.

He has a  passion for luxurious cars. They have a collection of cars like Roll Royce Wraith, Mini cooper, BMW X6, BMW 7 Series, Toyota Innova, Mercedes GLA, and Ford Mustang.

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