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Do you ever wonder what’s going on in someone’s head? Well, a simple way to find that out is to watch the movie Inside Out! 

Inside Out is a Pixar movie about human emotions, predominantly Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger. These emotions are given an animated representation and the movie replicates real-life emotions and the behind-the-scenes of the rear end processes. At the same time, the real-life scenarios are also presented, making it easy for the audience to attribute the situations to the happening processes. Both movies are central to a girl named Riley and the people around her. Her family, friends and interests are given importance throughout the movie and the primary emotions we see are of Riley’s. As an overview, Inside Out provides entertaining visuals of how the mind and the emotions work that can help us enhance our understanding of the same. 

Inside Out 

Inside Out revolves around a story about an 11-year-old girl named Riley. The premise is about Riley moving to a new place and dealing with the mixed emotions she feels during the process. Meanwhile, in the headquarters located in Riley’s mind, we also explore the nuances of the primary emotions- Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. The movie explores the concepts of change, acceptance and importance of all the emotions which come together to make the essence of Inside Out. 

Inside Out 2

Riley is a teenager now, she has braces, new friends and is finished with her middle schooling. Introduction of new emotions as she grows into an adolescent helps Riley and the emotions discover the concepts of puberty, self-discovery, and the importance of each and every emotion into shaping Riley’s sense of self. 



Credits: Character Community

Joy is the epitome of, well, Joy! She is a light blue-haired pixie cut small figure with yellow skin and also has a star-shaped body. Joy is the emotion responsible for all the happy moments, things and situations Riley holds in her life. She’s optimistic, enthusiastic, energetic and always strives to keep Riley happy no matter what. However, without Joy, Riley finds it hard to find the good in situations and struggles with accepting and acknowledging her other emotions. Riley’s happy memories are stored in a yellow-goldish colour representing all her situations where she felt joy in. 


Credits: Fictional Character Wiki

Sadness is a small tear drop shaped figure with blue skin and glasses in charge of handling the emotion sadness. She is pessimistic, has furrowed eyebrows and is of great contrast to Joy. She paves way for Riley’s sadness to flow through crying and whimpering. Her sad memories are held in a blue colour symbolising the sadness she felt in the situations. 


Credits: Inside Out Wiki

Disgust is a green figure with a pointy nose and a flowy dress. She is responsible for taking care of the aversion Riley feels towards anything in the world. She has sassy remarks, a constant look of disdain on her face and helps Riley walk away from what she dislikes. Her emotions of disgust are held in a dirty green colour. 


Credits : Inside Out Wiki

Anger is a short red figure who represents the feelings of rage, fury and well, anger! It is revealed that when anger is taken up a notch, he may also release the fury through the flames through his head which leads to an anger outburst. He makes irrational decisions and leads to anger outbursts detrimental to Riley’s life. The emotions of anger are stored in a dark red colour. 


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Fear is a tall, slim figure with light purple skin who takes up the fear component of Riley’s personality. He calculates all the possible worst outcomes in Riley’s life and encourages other emotions to work around the same. He usually jumps to conclusions and is mostly scared when it comes to facing things. Fearful emotions are held in a purple colour. 

    All these emotions work together in the headquarters to form Riley, her thoughts and actions. Along with the emotions, there are also the personality islands, core memories, short term memory, long term memory and many more which form a part of the movie. 

Now, the essence of the article is to also understand why you should take your child to the movie.

So, Why should you take your child to the movie Inside Out?

   Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotions, use and manage them. At the same time it also is the ability to understand other people’s emotions as well and work accordingly. Through Riley’s navigations of the world through her emotions- Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger, your 11 year old child may also reflect upon their own emotions and stay self-aware. Understanding of emotions is a complicated concept for children to comprehend, and if you want to explain it to them in a fun way, Inside Out is the best way to do so. Not only their own, the movie also helps children understand the emotions of others, their intentions and many more which help increase the emotional intelligence of your child.

   Working of the Mind

The introduction of Riley’s mind, emotions, core memories, personality islands, imagination land, short term memory, long term memory, and many more are extremely fascinating to understand. The creative build of the inner world paves way for your children to understand the working of the mind and its processes in an easier way. It may also help them pique their interest into studying more of it which in turn helps in increasing their knowledge. 

   Open Communication 

The movie Inside Out essentially promotes a positive portrayal of all the emotions. It inculcates values like honesty, responsibility, communication and many more. Through this movie, your children may gain the courage to express their feelings to you and it may also build a bridge between you and them. By encouraging them to express their emotions and inner thoughts to you, you can create a sense of safe space for them to be comfortable in. By asking questions like “I would like to know your inner world, will you let me in?”, “What are your core memories?”, “How can I help Joy?” and many more may help your children understand to communicate openly easily and effectively. 

Not just for your child, this movie proves to also be an enjoyable movie for adults as well. So here are the reasons as to why you need to watch the movie, Inside Out 2

   Inner Child

Inner Child is a concept in psychology that acknowledges the traits and parts of your personality that retains the emotions and feelings of your childhood. Inside Out is a movie that nurtures your inner child by validating your feelings, makes the feelings you had as a child seen, acknowledges your younger self’s mistakes and in simple words, it makes your inner child happy. It is quite crucial to keep your inner child alive and happy because it keeps up the playful, curious nature you had as a child.

   Emotional complexity

As humans, we deal with complex emotions, positive emotions, negative emotions and many more. We take a lot of ourselves to deal with every single one of them. And to navigate around them, you may also feel frustrated and not handle it wisely. Inside Out sheds light on the existent complex emotions and helps us acknowledge them. Further, while doing so, we also understand how to deal with it. 

   Mental Health awareness

While acknowledging the existent complex emotions we introspect on our emotions and stay aware of our mental health and provide space for others as well. In this generation, awareness of mental health is quite important considering the nuances and the difficulty in open communication. Inside Out fosters difficult communication to be formed between people and also lets people to let out their feelings.

In conclusion, Inside Out is a delightful movie for both children and adults. For kids, it offers a fun and engaging way to learn about emotional intelligence, the workings of the mind, and open communication. Adults can benefit from the film’s exploration of inner child happiness, emotional complexity, and mental health awareness. So grab some popcorn, settle in for a heartwarming story and get ready to explore the exciting world inside your head!

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