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gaurav taneja

Gaurav Taneja, also known as Flying Beast, is an Indian YouTuber. He is also a nutritionist and a successful commercial pilot.

Gaurav Taneja Bodybuilder Biography

Gaurav was born on 9th July 1986 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is now about  36 as of 2022. He was brought up in his hometown. He belongs to a Hindu family. His father is Yogendra Kumar Taneja who is a retired bank officer. On the other hand, his mother  Bharti Taneja is a teacher by profession. He has one sister Swati Taneja who is married.

Gaurav Taneja Education

Gaurav was admitted to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. After that, he entered IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Kharagpur, West Bengal in 2008. He graduated from there in Electrical Engineering. Since his childhood, he is very inquisitive in nature. He is very health conscious and maintains a diet. Moreover, he also works out at the gym on a regular basis.


Gaurav started his career on YouTube. He is a nutritionist and a body-builder as well. He has opened a YouTube channel entitled Fit Muscle TV where he regularly uploads fitness as well as personal videos. On his channel, he has uploaded more than 326 videos and successfully attracted public attention and his subscribers reached up to 2 million.

He also loved to travel all around the world. Nature attracted him so much that he could not resist travelling. Therefore, he always wanted to share his knowledge regarding the world and its beauty. Even, he wanted to share tips and guidance on how to travel safely around the globe. As a consequence, he opened a YouTube channel entitled Flying Beast where he uploaded more than 630 videos on travelling. At present ,he has more than 4.7 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

In 2011 he got admission to CAE, Madrid, Spain, a flight training school. From there he trained himself in Aviation service. Finally, he completed his training and joined Indigo Airlines where he worked as a first officer.

In 2014 he became the captain of Indigo. Again in 2019, he shifted to AirAsia Airlines.  He was a pilot there. But in 2020 he lost his job in AirAsia because he got engaged in a dispute. He raised questions about the negligence of AirAsia regarding Passengers’ safety. Sources said that he was dismissed from his post for his irresponsible behavior.

Gaurav Taneja Wife

Gaurav is married. Ritu Taneja is his better half.She is also a pilot who works in domestic airlines. They tied the knot on 5th February 2015 . Ritu gave birth to a sweet girl child on 18 th May 2018. The baby’s name is Kaira. They together spend their life at ease. They tease each other by saying funny names. While his wife calls him ‘Mota’, he also calls her ‘Morning Person’.

Gaurav Taneja Networth

Gaurav has a net worth that is estimated at around 6 million USD.

Gaurav At A Glance

  • In 2020 Gaurav raised questions in Media and Social media on the Safety measures of AirAsia. He said that AirAsia neglected the passengers’ safety protocols. As the news was made public, Air Asia sacked Gaurav rejecting his pleas. But he did not refrain from protesting against the Airline company. Eventually, he got public support. He also complained that the employers did not allow the pilots to take sick leave at the time of their ill-health. He also said that they breached covid protocols during the Covid-19 situation. At last, DGCA decided to take immediate steps to conduct an inquiry.
  • Gaurav has a fancy for bodybuilding.
  • He is a belly god. He loves to eat Jalebee, Butter chicken, Shahi Paneer, Peanut Butter, etc.
  • He is also a tea lover. He carries tea bags wherever he goes.
  • He came across the world’s topmost personalities as Barrack Obama, Ex-US President.(& many more).
  • He leads an extravagant lifestyle. He owns the most expensive cars like Fortuner, BMW, and Volvo V90.
  • He is framed on the cover of a reputed Magazine, MensXP.
  • He uploads videos of his li’l daughter. Chicklu O Chicklu is most popular among them
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