Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
France struggles to tackle menace of mosquitoes ahead of Paris Olympics

France has been having difficulties to make the 2024 Paris Olympics a mosquito-free of charge zone. The virus-spreading Asian tiger mosquito has emerged as a threat to the Paris Olympics organisers.

With millions of followers, website visitors and hundreds of athletes set to arrive in the French capital, the French federal government is getting techniques to avert the threat of mosquitoes.

The Asian tiger mosquitos, which have distribute across northern Europe above the previous two a long time, have the virus of ailments this kind of as dengue, chikungunya and zika.

The authorities, having said that, hence much failed to eliminate the mosquitos.

With the Paris Olympics just a couple of months away, France is nonetheless to discover a way to deal with the menace of the virus.

“When you are ill with dengue, you would not be jumping around any hurdles,” Didier Fontenille, an entomologist and expert on vector-borne disorders, was quoted as indicating by AFP.

“The host cities and primarily the Olympic Village have to be stored mosquito-free of charge,” he stated.

In 2023, France described 45 dengue circumstances, attributed to local virus transmission.

Researchers have been performing on DNA modification and sterilisation to diminish the mosquito inhabitants.

Fontenille explained stagnant h2o must be cleaned. He proposed that citizen mobilisation should really come about to preserve the h2o bodies clean as the mosquitoes locate the stagnant drinking water the great situations for laying their eggs.

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