Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Crafting Coffee Culture

First Crack Specialty Roasters hosted the “Crafting Coffee Culture” event at Quorum, Hyderabad, bringing together coffee enthusiasts, growers, café owners, and professionals from the specialty coffee community. This unique event showcased the finest specialty coffees from Ratnagiri Estate and featured an interactive session with Ashok Patre, Managing Partner of Ratnagiri International.

The event’s highlight was the cupping of exclusive coffees from Ratnagiri Estate. Attendees experienced the process of coffee cupping, a globally standardized method for evaluating the qualities of coffee. Premium coffees from Ratnagiri Estate, rated between 86-92, were cupped, offering a rare opportunity to taste Indian coffees that meet gold standards typically seen in South American and Ethiopian varieties. Ashok Patre provided deeper insights into the challenges and importance of cultivating high-grade specialty Indian coffee. He discussed how Indian coffee markets have evolved through the three waves of coffee culture and emphasized the meticulous growing and processing methods at Ratnagiri Estate that enable their coffees to compete on a global scale. “Ratnagiri Estate is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Indian coffee quality, and events like these help us share our passion and knowledge with a broader audience,” said Mr. Patre.

The event concluded with a presentation and launch of new coffee products by First Crack Specialty Roasters, highlighting their commitment to delivering well-developed, balanced coffees with exceptional aromas and flavour notes. Chandini SRK, founder of First Crack Specialty Roasters, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Our mission at First Crack is to bridge the gap between coffee growers and consumers, ensuring that every cup tells the story of its journey from farm to cup. Today’s event is a testament to the incredible potential of Indian specialty coffee.”

First Crack Specialty Roasters is dedicated to selecting the finest green coffee beans from high-altitude estates and roasting each lot based on its specific characteristics. Their Farm-2-Cup, Farmer-Direct approach ensures the quality and transparency of their products while maintaining fair trade practices. The term “First Crack” refers to the crucial phase in coffee roasting where bean characteristics begin to develop into a consumable flavour profile, embodying the company’s mission to translate the rich, unique natural flavours of their carefully selected high-grown coffee beans into a palatable experience for consumers. The “Crafting Coffee Culture” event was a remarkable success, celebrating the excellence of Indian specialty coffee and fostering a deeper appreciation for the intricate art and science of coffee production.

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