Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
BJP Will creates history with victory from Nagar Kurnool Parliament: Pothuganti Bharath Prasad

Nagarkurnool: Nagar Kurnool Parliament BJP Prospect Pothuganti Bharat Prasad Attended Vijaya Sankalpa Yatra in Nagar Kurnool Constituency. The BJP’s achievement trip, from the Bijiinapalli Zone Middle to Nagar Kurnool Bustond. Union Minister Murugan and Nagar Kurnool Parliament BJP Prospect Pothuganti Bharat Prasad Nagar Kurnool MP Pothuganti Ramulu Former Member of Nationwide BC Fee Talloju Achari Rashtra Leaders Dilip Chari Parliamentary BJP Main Election Agent Raghunandan Reddy participated in the rally.

MP candidate Potuganti Bharat Prasad reported that to hear the audio of a prepare in the Nagar Kurnool Parliament, they should really vote for the BJP. He mentioned that it was the BJP flag that won on Nagar Kurnool soil. Nagar Kurnool Parliament wants to be a part of BJP’s victory by casting votes on the lotus flower image. He explained that seven assembly constituencies less than Nagar Kurnool Parliament will be created with the cooperation of Modi.

He stated that these elections will be held for the progress of the country, for security, for welfare. He claimed that halting me in Nagar Kurnool is not new and I am not new to increase back again to the top rated. He stated that if you vote for the Congress get together, which has turn into a puppet of China, it will destroy the nation. They want to believe what will occur in the region if votes for the occasion that criticized Ramudu Seetamma.

Jai Shri Ram is how all those who want to fill their stomachs are asking for votes. He questioned not to vote for the BRS party, which asks commissions for progress. He mentioned that there is no metropolis without Ram in the nation and there is no town with no BJP social gathering.

He said that Modi , who blessed Rama in Ayodhya, blessed it on the soil of NagarKurnool and sent it to you. Nagar Kurnool MP Potuganti Ramulu joined the BJP party and mentioned that BJP has turn into a strong force in Nagar Kurnool Parliament. Nagar Kurnool MP Ramulu explained that he joined the BJP with a apparent assurance of SC classification.

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