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Gin Ke Dus is a psychological thriller that was introduced in theatres currently. The film stars starring Avinash Gupta, Sanjana Deshmukh, Himanshu Shekhar, Anika Arya, and Trishana Goswami in pivotal roles. It is directed and generated by Sareesh Sudhakaran.


Gin Ke Dus Story

Gin Ke Dus Movie
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The film, set from the backdrop of election working day in 1991, revolves around a string of mysterious murders that start to unravel. The 3 pals set out on a journey to help you save a sister trapped in an abusive marriage. But factors turn hideous when they facial area a killer with an unfamiliar motive. How will they endure? Watch the movie to uncover out.


Gin Ke Dus Evaluation

Gin Ke Dus Review
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Writer-director Sareesh Sudhakaran generates a psychological thriller loaded with thrills, suspense, and drama. He retains the mystery and murderer’s identity hidden right up until the end and retains the viewers on the edge of their seats. As the title indicates, the film has 10 murders. In some elements, the movie falls flat basically thanks to narration. The to start with 50 percent of the film appears to be dragged, but it will make up for it in the thrilling next fifty percent, exactly where the thriller unfolds. The history rating keeps the thrill in the movie.

Talking about the performances, Anika Arya shines in her part. Sanjana Deshmukh was good. Zahid Khan’s portrayal of the house helper Raju, justifies his role. Other actors, Trishana Goswami, Avinash Gupta, and Himanshu Shekhar, did a superior position.


Last Verdict

Gin Ke Dus

In general, Gin Ke Dus is a psychological thriller, a tale of survival that retains you hooked all over. If you are a lover of seeing a murder thriller and survival thriller, give Gin Ke Dus a consider. We give the movie 3 stars out of 5.

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