Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Akshat Gupta Biography

Akshat Gupta, is a versatile Indian author, lyricist, poet, and screenwriter.


Akshat Gupta Biography:

There is no information available about Akshat Gupta’s DOB, parents, or family background. He married at the age of 22 but it was unfortunate enough that his wife and child left him after 8 years of his marriage. Eventually, he became heartbroken. To overcome the awkward situation, he started writing a novel that took more than 6 years to complete.

Most importantly, the novel turned into a trilogy and became a national best-seller.

The book entitled ‘The Hidden Hindu ‘ came to the notice of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Company, Dhoni Entertainment. They are now making a film adaptation of the book. The film adaptation of the book will surely reach a much larger audience.

Apart from writing novels, he has shown up in several podcasts which included The Ranveer Allahbadia Show in which he shared the experiences of his life.


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